That’s usually the word I start with to inspire my stories.  I look around me at the people I see everyday, walking past a window in a restaurant, in an office window working late at night as the only light left on in the building, or the post of a friend of a friend on Facebook.  It’s from these slight glimpses into other’s everyday lives that I look for inspiration.  We all have stories worth telling, and even though I don’t know the whole story from the tiny insight I have into them, I hope I craft stories that share the emotion I see in the small window of time.

Emotion and empathy drive us all, even those who think they are unemotional or can remain detached.  But emotion is common to us all and is the root of most of the decisions we make (even those we try to call logical).  So it is with my characters as well.  I sit with them (for months sometimes), learning about their emotions, their personalities, their vision for their own lives and the connections they have with the other characters in the story.  Their emotions come through as I begin to frame the book and it’s the emotions of each character that I hope you, my readers connect with most in my characters and their stories.


Thanks so much for reading!






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