Just to get you started, as you poke around my site, here’s a picture into my world:

My kids are my greatest project to date — and probably will be no matter how long I live.

I can make French macarons, and a hollandaise sauce that doesn’t break (which is awesome on asparagus, btw).

I can drive a standard transmission, in fact I prefer it when possible.

I have a BS, MS, LMT, CWC and a couple of other things with letters I can put after my name.  Even so, I’d rather just be able to write for a living.

I’ve taught middle school.  That means I’ve had the hardest audience in front of me.  Thank you to all those former students!

I have so many ideas for books I’m not afraid I’ll get stuck, I’m afraid I’ll run out of time.

I’ve lived in Monaco, which sounds a lot more glamorous than it was.  But now that I’m older I wish I could go back.

Yoga keeps me sane.

I’ve been writing stories since I was in middle school.  I wish I still had copies of all of them.

My faith supports me in everything I do.




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