Yesterday was a busy day of sightseeing with the family.  By the end of it I felt a sore throat coming on which hasn’t gotten better overnight.

I’ve had some great care provided by my husband and daughter, giving me home made pancakes and the time to just veg in front of the TV.  I don’t do this often, so it’s a bit of a treat.  Saturdays can be lovely, I just wish the sore throat wasn’t involved.

What I really want to do is dive into a book when I’m under the weather.  I usually reach for a “comfort food book”.  One of the old tried and true favorites that I may not have read in the past year or so.  Usually this means a Georgette Heyer book.  This time it’s False Colours.

Georgette Heyer is a favorite because of the outstanding use of language and dialogue she uses, along with the meticulous research she had to have done to get the Regency period spot on.  Her writing is also simply hilarious and each and every one of her characters superbly drawn.

In False Colours, one twin ends up playing the other and falls in love with his brother’s betrothed.  I’m sure you can imagine what hijinks might ensue from such plot beginning and I encourage you to get yourself a copy.

In the meanwhile I’ll be nursing my sore throat and being comforted by the tried and true excellence of Georgette Heyer.

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