I decided recently to take a bit of a break from the historical romances I often read and jumped over to a reader I’d not read before.  Often times when I find a new author and I happen to like the first book I go on a bit of a binge.  That’s exactly what has happened with Lauren Blakely’s books.  She’s witty, sexy (probably best for the over 18 crowd) and fun.  I laughed at some of the silly circumstances in these first 3 books of hers that I’ve just read one after the other, but I also really cared about each of the characters.

Love her love scenes and her heros!

I’m not always big on books written in the first person, but she definitely makes it work.  What’s even more interesting is these books are written from the heros’ perspectives rather than the heroines’.  I’m very impressed and if you love a good, sexy but still sweet romance or two I definitely suggest you check these out!


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