“Whoever it is has gone,” he said, his voice low and rumbling.  “I heard footsteps going down the hall.”  He crossed his powerful arms across his chest.  “Keep your door locked at all times,” he said and turned to leave as quietly as he came.  He heaved a huge sigh and keeping his back to her said, “I know you are in danger, I want to help you.  But I can’t unless you let me.”

“I can’t,” she stated simply.  She was tempted, oh so much, but she couldn’t simply lay her problems onto someone else’s lap.

“Why not,” he said turning back toward her.

“I just can’t,” she said, her brown eyes were flat and still.  She didn’t trust her voice to say anything more however, and pressed her lips together to stave off the burning of tears she felt in her throat and behind her eyes.  She watched as Kyle turned the key in the lock and twisted the knob, opening the door slowly and examining the hallway beyond carefully, before opening it wider and stepping through.

“Regardless of your feelings toward me,” He said softly, back still turned, “I will keep you safe.  I only wish you would confide in me.”

And then he was gone shutting her door behind him.

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