Write to Me – 8th Installment

July 1, 1811 Dear Sinjin, I cannot believe that it has been a full two years since you left to be at the front.  I understand that some regiments are able to get leave, but you are still in Spain.  Why can you not get a break from the fighting?  I sincerely don’t understand and … Continue Reading

Write to Me – 7th Installment

February 17, 2011 Dear Sinjin, I am writing to you on the occasion of my thirteenth birthday to let you know that this will likely be my final letter to you.  I am dying.  I hesitate to let you know all of this as I don’t want to further distress you when you are already … Continue Reading

Write to Me – 6th Installment

February 11, 2010 Tasha, As you might expect paper, pen and ink are in short supply here.  I have scrounged some up however and finally have a few moments altogether to write to you.  I pray that it finds you in spite of the distance it must travel. I have received a few of your … Continue Reading

Write to Me – 5th Installment

May 13, 1808 Dear Sinjin, I am sorry for the long delay in writing to you.  I have become entirely taken up in the management of Greystone.  In fact, Mr. Markham has agreed to give me a portion of the estate proceeds for my own management (without involving the trustees in his decision as they … Continue Reading