Write to Me – 20th Installment

October 29, 1815 Burton Park My dear Lady Wentworth, I am sure you have been waiting impatiently for news of the happenings here at Burton Park.  While we have all come to hope for a good outcome of these two silly young people, the actuality of it is enough to even now make my eyes … Continue Reading

Write to Me – 19th Installment

October 20, 1815 Witcombe My dear Lady Ware, I have just received your invitation and it is with great regret that I must decline the invitation to visit Burton Park and stand up with the lovely bride to be at her betrothal ball.  Please let Delia know I am very happy for her.  I enjoyed … Continue Reading

Write to Me – 18th Installment

September 1, 1815 Witcombe Dear Miss Tibbets, The captain has received another missive from the duke which seems to have exercised a powerful effect on his mind and sensibility.  He seems to have redoubled his efforts to strengthen his arm and has been working dutifully with the tenants on the estate to bring things into … Continue Reading