October 20, 1815


My dear Lady Ware,

I have just received your invitation and it is with great regret that I must decline the invitation to visit Burton Park and stand up with the lovely bride to be at her betrothal ball.  Please let Delia know I am very happy for her.  I enjoyed meeting the good doctor and feel they will suit admirably.  I will look forward to seeing them at some time in the future, but just now I have made plans I cannot turn back from which will take me to quite a different part of the country.

I will be certain to attend the nuptials of the happy couple.

With Regrets,

Sinjin Rensalaer


October 23, 1815

The Priory, Cambridgeshire

Rensalaer, you young fool!  She is not with us, she is gone to stay at Burton Park with the Wares.  She is apparently a great friend of Delia Ware and is to be present at her betrothal ball.

I am sending this by messenger to hopefully catch you on the road so that you may change your direction.

You have my permission.  She has known all along she was meant for you I believe.  It is men who seem to be the slower of understanding in matters of the heart.  She is stronger than you give her credit, my advice is to start trusting in her strength rather than depending only on your own.




October 23, 1815

The Priory, Cambridgeshire

Dear Lord and Lady Ware,

I have just sent the young jackanapes Rensalaer your way.  He was unaware that Miss Abbingdon was in Sussex with you and has begun his journey to Cambridgeshire.  I have sent him a message that he must turn around post haste to Burton Park, and I have every hope that the messenger will be able to intercept him before many more days are out.  Since the weather has been dismal, I would expect him to stick to the roads rather than risk travelling cross country and risk coming to an impasse in unknown locales.  Of course, one can never predict the foolhardiness of a young man in love.

We will look forward to the story of their meeting with great anticipation.




October 26, 1815


Lord Ware,

I will be with you in two days’ time.  Do not let Miss Abbingdon leave.

S. R.

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