Here’s the official bio:

When Roselyn is not managing her two wonderful children, amazing husband, a dog, a cat, four chickens and a bee hive, she can be found either reading or writing.  Oh, and the day job where she develops and implements outreach programming for K-12 in entrepreneurship.  She’s lived most of her life in New Mexico and loves the blue skies and being able to see hundreds of miles most days, but is always ready for a new adventure in a new place.  Writing gives her the opportunity to create them on the page when she can’t actually jump in the car and go. 




But, since you’ve bothered to come to my site and get a little better understanding of me, here’s some more insight:

My kids are my greatest project to date — and probably will be no matter how long I live.

I can make French macarons, and a hollandaise sauce that doesn’t break (which is awesome on asparagus, btw).

I can drive a standard transmission, in fact I prefer it when possible.

I have a BS, MS, LMT, CWC and a couple of other things with letters I can put after my name.  Even so, I’d rather just be able to write for a living.

I’ve taught middle school.  That means I’ve had the hardest audience in front of me.  Thank you to all those former students!

I have so many ideas for books I’m not afraid I’ll get stuck, I’m afraid I’ll run out of time.

I’ve lived in Monaco, which sounds a lot more glamorous than it was.  But now that I’m older I wish I could go back.

Yoga keeps me sane.

I’ve been writing stories since I was in middle school.  I wish I still had copies of all of them.

My faith supports me in everything I do.

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