New Release — A Widow’s Promise

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Widows Promise(1) small size for webWhen Lady Grace Grayson accepts an invitation to a house party at Rocksavage Manor, she expects a few weeks of painting and serenity in the English countryside.  She doesn’t expect to become the target of a murderer.


When Kyle Calshot, accepts a position with Theodore Price, the owner of Rocksavage Manor, he expects to learn all he can about British Politics in Victorian England.  He doesn’t expect to be asked to betray a friend or become the bodyguard to a beautiful red haired widow.


As Grace and Kyle struggle against a newfound passion for one another, they must discover the motives of a killer.  And when old secrets are revealed can their new love survive?

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What’s the novella about you ask?  So glad you did…

write-to-me-coverIt’s called Write to Me, a story in letters.  What can technically be termed an epistolary novel.  It starts when an orphan, by the name of Anastasia begins writing to her elder distant cousin, Sinjin and follows them through the years as they get to know one another only through their letters.  It takes place during the Regency era in England, and is a lovely quick read.

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