Write to Me – 20th Installment

October 29, 1815 Burton Park My dear Lady Wentworth, I am sure you have been waiting impatiently for news of the happenings here at Burton Park.  While we have all come to hope for a good outcome of these two silly young people, the actuality of it is enough to even now make my eyes … Continue Reading

Write to Me – 19th Installment

October 20, 1815 Witcombe My dear Lady Ware, I have just received your invitation and it is with great regret that I must decline the invitation to visit Burton Park and stand up with the lovely bride to be at her betrothal ball.  Please let Delia know I am very happy for her.  I enjoyed … Continue Reading

Write to Me – 18th Installment

September 1, 1815 Witcombe Dear Miss Tibbets, The captain has received another missive from the duke which seems to have exercised a powerful effect on his mind and sensibility.  He seems to have redoubled his efforts to strengthen his arm and has been working dutifully with the tenants on the estate to bring things into … Continue Reading

Write to Me – 17th Installment

August 8, 1815 Burton Park   Dear Tasha, I wish I were able to draw with your level of talent so that I might represent your Mr. Rensalaer to you.  He is a fine form of a man, in spite of the scars and the arm that is weakened.  He tops father’s height by several … Continue Reading

Write to Me – 16th Installment

July 14, 1815 Burton Park, West Sussex   Dear Mr. Rensalaer, I am writing to invite you to spend several weeks with our family in West Sussex next month.  Baron Ware and myself would be most pleased to meet you as we feel we learned to know you through the letters of our son, Richard.  … Continue Reading

Write to Me – 15th Installment

May 5, 1815 35 St. James Pl, London   Dear Captain Rensalaer, We expect the arrival of your young cousin, Miss Anastasia Abbingdon on the morrow.  Although the season is in full swing I have no doubts the duchess will be able to fire Miss Abbingdon off into society.  There has been some noteriety already … Continue Reading

Write to Me – 14th Installment

March 12, 1815 14 Peter St, London Dear Miss Abbingdon, You are now under the guardianship of the Duke of Wentworth.  I have included his direction with this letter.  His son served in my regiment, he will be worthy of the role. As for Mr. Everard and Mr. Cooper justice has been meted out to … Continue Reading

Write to Me – 13th Installment

November 10, 1814 Greystone Manor, Licolnshire Dear Sinjin, I understand you don’t care to hear from me anymore, however, I still must wish you a happy birthday.  I am planning my come out for next spring.  I am hiring a society widow to sponsor me.  It is rather lowering to think I have no one … Continue Reading

Write to Me – 12th Installment

April 8, 1814 Dear Sgt. Rountree, Please have Captain Renselaer at Hyde park promptly at one o’clock in the afternoon on April the fifteenth.  I will be wearing a yellow pelisse.  You can respond to me at the Clarendon Hotel as I will be travelling the next few days to make it to the capitol … Continue Reading

Write to Me – 11th Installment

March 2, 1814 Sinjin, I must protest your continuing to delve into the principal of your account.  I don’t know if you have another source of income, but even so, you should not devastate your investment account.  I am doing my best to salvage things, but without principal I can only do so much.  If … Continue Reading