Write to Me – 10th Installment

November 10, 1812 Dearest Sinjin, The past two letters I have written have come back to me.  I wanted to send you your happy birthday wishes and yet I am afraid this letter will also be returned.  I scour the newspapers for word about you and I find nothing.  I will continue to do so … Continue Reading

Write to Me – 9th Installment

February 17, 1812 Dear Sinjin, Thank you for your willingness to explain.  You understand perfectly my level of curiosity and what information I need to know.  Of course today I am fourteen and so I am looking more and more ahead to my majority.  As you mentioned, I will need to look about for a … Continue Reading

Write to Me – 8th Installment

July 1, 1811 Dear Sinjin, I cannot believe that it has been a full two years since you left to be at the front.  I understand that some regiments are able to get leave, but you are still in Spain.  Why can you not get a break from the fighting?  I sincerely don’t understand and … Continue Reading

Write to Me – 7th Installment

February 17, 2011 Dear Sinjin, I am writing to you on the occasion of my thirteenth birthday to let you know that this will likely be my final letter to you.  I am dying.  I hesitate to let you know all of this as I don’t want to further distress you when you are already … Continue Reading

Write to Me – 6th Installment

February 11, 2010 Tasha, As you might expect paper, pen and ink are in short supply here.  I have scrounged some up however and finally have a few moments altogether to write to you.  I pray that it finds you in spite of the distance it must travel. I have received a few of your … Continue Reading

Write to Me – 5th Installment

May 13, 1808 Dear Sinjin, I am sorry for the long delay in writing to you.  I have become entirely taken up in the management of Greystone.  In fact, Mr. Markham has agreed to give me a portion of the estate proceeds for my own management (without involving the trustees in his decision as they … Continue Reading

Write to Me – 4th Installment

December 25, 1807 Dear Sinjin, Happy Christmas!  I am determined to be cheerful even though it was extremely cold in church this morning and I was more sad than normal as everyone had a family to be happy with on this most special of days.  You will understand this I know. I am happy to … Continue Reading

Write to Me – 3rd Installment

October 31, 1807 Dear Sinjin, I think it is noble and honorable of you to wish to join the Cavalry.  Tibby says it is horrendously expensive and is not sure if your family wealth is up to the task.  She is also going to be horrified that I am writing to you about money.  She … Continue Reading

Write to Me 2nd Installment

August 31, 1807 Dear Sinjin, I was so excited to receive a letter from you!  Thank you very much for writing back.  I would have continued to write to you even had you not written (for I don’t feel as if one should feel obligated to do anything just because one person does something for … Continue Reading