The Widow’s Promise – An Excerpt

“Whoever it is has gone,” he said, his voice low and rumbling.  “I heard footsteps going down the hall.”  He crossed his powerful arms across his chest.  “Keep your door locked at all times,” he said and turned to leave as quietly as he came.  He heaved a huge sigh and keeping his back to … Continue Reading

Write to Me 1st Installment

I’m going to try something new!  I have a free downloadable novella called Write to Me.  If you subscribe to my newsletter (don’t worry it’s not that often and has useful stuff in it), you’ll get the whole thing right away.  But…I’m also going to release it post by post in a serial novel way … Continue Reading

The Widow’s Promise

Meet Grace and Kyle. They’ve met by chance, or was it by design? at Rocksavage Manor. Kyle is half Maori warrior, with the tattoos to show for it. He’s half English nobleman with the relatives to prove that too. Grace is a widow that only wants to live a quiet life, to paint, to enjoy … Continue Reading