False Colours

Yesterday was a busy day of sightseeing with the family.  By the end of it I felt a sore throat coming on which hasn’t gotten better overnight. I’ve had some great care provided by my husband and daughter, giving me home made pancakes and the time to just veg in front of the TV.  I … Continue Reading

Book Two in The Widows Series

I hope you’ve had the opportunity to pick up my first book in my series The Widows, A Widow’s Promise.) It’s available on Amazon, here, so get your copy and share with friends! The next book in the series, A Widow’s Secret, is coming along nicely.  It’s the story of Elizabeth and Crispin.  Elizabeth has … Continue Reading

Weekly Inspiration

If… That’s usually the word I start with to inspire my stories.  I look around me at the people I see everyday, walking past a window in a restaurant, in an office window working late at night as the only light left on in the building, or the post of a friend of a friend … Continue Reading